Natural Deodorant Charcoal


Made by Organicules in West Cork

Aluminium free charcoal stick deodorant, harnessing the anti-bacterial and absorption properties of natural, vegan and organic ingredients to control body odour. This effective natural deodorant contains charcoal and organic Tea Tree, Lavender, Peppermint and Eucalyptus essential oils to ensure fresh smelling pits.

This charcoal stick deodorant is an aluminium free and paraben free natural deodorant, formulated using organic and vegan ingredients to effectively de-odourize armpits while minimizing disruption of the skin microbiome.

 All our natural deodorants are plastic free and cruelty free.

Our natural deodorants don't stain clothing, any residue on clothing is removed in a 40 degree wash.

Our natural deodorants are designed to minimize disruption of the skin microbiome.

All our natural deodorants are plastic free and cruelty free.

Our natural deodorants don't stain clothing, any residue on clothing is removed in a 40 degree Celsius wash.

* Apply a few swipes to dry clean armpits. The deodorant may go on pink but will rub In clear.

* We do not recommend using natural deodorant immediately after shaving your armpits. Either shave the night before, or leave a few hours between shaving and application of deodorant.

* Organicules' stick deodorant is supplied in a 100% biodegradable Kraft paperboard tube. To push up the tube, first apply pressure at the edge of the tube underside, until it starts to move, then apply pressure to the center of the tube underside.

Organicules' charcoal detox stick deodorant contains charcoal powder and cornstarch which absorb sweat from the skin thus minimizing odour.

* Tea Tree oil is a powerful anti-microbial agent.

* Organic Lavender, Peppermint and Eucalyptus essential oils also possess anti-bacterial activity and will ensure that your pits smell fresh and fragrant.

* Organic Coconut oil, high in Lauric acid, is an effective skin soothing and moisturising agent. Lauric acid also exhibits anti-microbial activity.

* Organic Mango Butter moisturises and soothes the skin.

* Organic Cocoa Butter is a rich source of anti-oxidant polyphenols, which help combat inflammation and help with skin repair.

* We don't use beeswax in our deodorants, instead we use vegan friendly, wild-harvested Myrica fruit wax. Myrica wax is less occlusive than beeswax, so won't clog your pores. Myrica wax also has a soft velvety skin feel, reducing the tacky, draggy, feel frequently associated with natural deodorants.

The myrica wax we use is produced through sustainable methods and wild harvested by local farmers in a process monitored by the Union for Ethical Bio Trade.

* Sodium Bicarbonate is a powerful de-odouriser. Our Charcoal Detox deodorant formula balances minimal usage level of Sodium Bicarbonate, with effective usage levels and also includes skin soothing and anti-inflammatory ingredients such as Kaolin clay and non-nano zinc oxide to combat and protect against any potential irritation.

It should be noted that a small proportion of the population are sensitive to Sodium Bicarbonate. If, in the very unlikely event that you develop a rash following use of our deodorant, discontinue use immediately.

* Isoamyl Laurate is a  natural replacements for silicone. Derived from coconut and sugar beet, it helps the deodorant to glide smoothly on the skin and prevents a greasy feeling. is is 100% naturally derived and 100% biodegradable.