Our Story

about the holding pond - our story

The Holding Pond design shop was founded in 2019 by Linda-Gene Byrne, supported by her husband Patrick and family. They moved to Wexford in 2019 after many years travelling back and forth between Laois where Linda-Gene is from and Wexford where Patrick is from.

It was the perfect time for Linda-Gene to make another big change, something she had wanted to do for many years, start a new business with the idea of supporting Irish industry, designers and makers. To combine two things she loves, running a business and supporting quality Irish works. To bring great products to people through a convenient, functional and interactive means.

So why “the holding pond”!!!! 7 years ago, they bought their new home. They share a love of old buildings, so they bought a farmhouse attached to an old mill. The new business Is based in the mill overlooking the holding pond. Some mill knowledge!! The holding pond plays an important role in the running of a mill, it holds the water that is vital to supply the mill wheel for the end product. It is the means between the input and the final product. This is what Linda-Gene want this business to be, to take the massive talent that is on our island and showcase it to as many people as possible who can enjoy the finished designs.

The Holding Pond wants to provide the outlet for this amazing talent we have and showcase far and wide. We want our customers to be

  • proud of what they buy
  • enjoy what they buy
  • and that buying Irish becomes part of our daily purchases.

This is our Ireland, be proud of our national design … #bring it home …