Small Gold Feather Jewellery Dish ( mint, navy, white or black)


Made by Danu Ceramics

Gorgeous, collectible little trinket dishes handmade from stoneware clay and glazed in a matte colour, with a hand-painted 22k gold lustre accent on the side. 

Food safe. Handwash only. Do not put in microwave. 
Size: 10cm/4 '' diameter approx. 

Please note: Every item is entirely handmade. Through the whole process of creation, each piece has traveled through Ruths hands several times. First, it has been hand-built and refined.
Then, it was bisque fired in the kiln, hand-glazed and fired once again. Finally, it was hand-painted with 22k gold lustre and fired again. Because of all this, minor imperfections might be seen on the surface, making each item truly unique. Furthermore, this one of a kind quality of the pieces results in very slight variations in both shape and size between the items within the same collection, so may look slightly different from the photograph. This is the essence of Wabi-Sabi.