Car Plug-in Essential Oil Diffuser


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De Danu are based in Athlone Co. Westmeath 

Car- plug in Essential Oil Diffuser + Bonus Shield Essential Oil Blend

The deDANÚ car aroma diffuser is the ultimate revolution in car odour control.

Prepare your car for those long awaited road-trips, ensuring a relaxed, refreshed journey and the option to tackle airborne nasties and odours. 

The deDANÚ car diffuser runs for 2 hours with 50ml of water and leaves your car smelling pleasant and fresh, cutting through bugs and nasty odours


  • Effectively neutralises odours
  • Humidifies the air
  • Improves air quality
  • Has two USB outlets for charging your phone or electronics
  • Boost your mood, stay alert, relieve anxious feelings

How to Use:

  1. Add water to the unit and a few drops of your favourite deDANÚ Essential or essential wellness blends
  2. Plug the car freshener into your car’s cigarette lighter, press the button, and a fine mist of pure, natural essential oil mist will be released.
  3. The head can be rotated with no leakage.

Yes, it is good for your skin!

Keeping the air misty and diffusing plant extracts is good for your skin (and overall well-being!), especially as we enter into dryer, summer months.